Foxy Data Ltd | Solutions to you! | Data Mining, Web and Mobile Development
01. Bibidi

We are web artisans

empowering our clients with exactly what they need! We can architect the best solution for performant web, api or mobile applications

02. Babidi

building magic tools

with key technologies to get an edge over the competition and free up your time! We can build general tools, and processes, to enhance productivity and KPIs

03. Boo

improving every day

we spend time on learning new skills and experimenting new tools to give you the best you can get!

Our Journey


Everything started by providing Data ETL, OpenGraph and API solutions to initial clients: academic institutions and SMEs.

Mobile Development

In-house React Native skills brought new clients on-board and long term contracts!


New opportunities led to work with Internet of Things, Distributed Ledgers Technologies and how to assess and attack such systems

Cyber Security

Pandemic forced everyone to a pause, a reflection. From that time a new path arose: Penetration Testing, OSINT and Threat Hunting.

Meet Our Team

team member
MD, Security Consultant / Software Dev
Valerio Cestrone

Dynamic and resilient software developer
with years of experience in Web, API, Mobile Development,
Cyber Security & Data Mining.

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Offensive Security Wireless Professional

Certified Container Security Expert

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