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Foxy Data is a digital platform serving data driven solutions and productivity tools.

Strategy & BrainStorm Tool

We simplify common tools and let them be available to you, in ONE place.

Business Plan, Sales Funnel, Business Model Canvas and Cyber Security GDPR simplified.

Marketing Trends

You cannot live behind the curtains. We let you watch real-time marketing trends in quasi real-time.

And take advantage of it.

Reputation Tools

Reputation matters, that's why we built a tool to analyse and keep you posted about words/opinions on your count.

So you can act & re-act as fast as you can.

Automatic Websites

We can help you build automatically populated website, so you can focus your time on selling.

We are already serving a location-based event solution.


Your data is valuable if properly analysed.

We help you gaining the most out of it.

Digital Development Tracking Tool

C-levels spend too much time to describe what they want developers to do.

We simplify this process for both: developers and coordinators.

Companies Reports & Boards Network

You need to easily understand people and relationships behind companies. We do that for you!

We can analyse directors ownerships/shares in UK companies and serve answers to you, in minutes.


Team & Passion is what drives success. We believe that.

Everything we do is user/role-based, sharable and editable from people you want.

Demographics & Statistics

We let you access updated data from official sources (National Statistical Services) around the world.

So you can support (or destroy) scenarios.


Foxy Data can be your platform or a provider to build your next successful SaaS / Web Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a bunch of questions and answers related to our activity. Feel free to contact us for specific requests.

Partnership & Custom Web Services
Q.How can I get my custom service/platform?

A. After a proper meeting with you, to get to know each other and list your needs, we make a plan of deliverables and give you an estimate.
From this point ahead is all about details and negotiation!

Q.Where my platform is going to be hosted/located?

A. We usually work with cloud solutions (so almost anywhere you like) and we really wish to mantain it for you in the long run to be able to garantee the best service possible.
By the way, we can discuss this point and agree something specific for you.

Q.Can we build something together?

A. It is a possible solution if we are compatible according to our long term strategies, and more importantly: Our Values.

Foxy Data Platform
Q.What is a Software as a Service?

A. It is a service you use on demand, for which you pay a subscription fee.
It is a common delivery model for many business applications.

Q.How many services are included in my subscription/package?

A. All services are included.
Plans have different limits, but everything is there for you.

Q.May I request a custom service?

A. Sure, if the requested service will be implemented into the platform, so available to all users, you will benefit directly through the package you subscribed.
Otherwise this is going to be a custom service which requires an estimate and specific hourly prices.